Escherichia coli

The Best Bacteria of them all

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So I already told you guys about how I reproduce, but here’s a couple of diagrams to help explain it a bit more. The first one is showing cell division, and the second one is showing conjugation, while the third shows how they connect to each other in a life cycle. Click for full view!

So again, a quick summary of cell division: insides of a cell are duplicated, cell splits in half down the middle and both resulting cells are identical. Repeat.

And conjugation: Donor cell connects with receiver cell, shares some genetic info, and separates. Both cells are now potential donor cells.

The third picture shows a rough idea of my entire life cycle (bacteria don’t have the best art skills, I’m afraid), with both possible types of reproduction.

Wow, I think I’ve told you most everything there is to know about me! I hope you learned something interesting :)

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